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2022 Incoatec celebrates the 20th anniversary
Launch of the IµS DIAMOND II for Cu, Mo and Ag radiation
100% shareholder of incoatec GmbH is Bruker AXS GmbH
2020 Inauguration of the 1000th IµS at University of Cape Town
2019 Launch of IµS DIAMOND for Ag radiation
2018 Launch of IµS DIAMOND for Mo radiation
Incoatec introduces the new Helios EF Optics for chemical crystallography
2017 Incoatec celebrates 10 Years IµS
Launch of the unique microfocus source IμS DIAMOND Cu with diamond hybride anode
2016 1st Incoatec X-ray Enclosure IXE installed with IµS Cu upgrade
2015 Celebration of the 500th IμS customer at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry in Goettingen, Germany
Launch of the new microfocus source IμS 3.0 Cu for Bruker D8 VENTURE Gen 2 and D8 QUEST Gen 2
Launch of the Incoatec X-ray Tube IXT
2014 Incoatec has about 50 employees
Moving into the new premises
2012 Incoatec celebrates the 10th anniversary
Launch of the scatterfree pinholes SCATEX
2011 Launch of the new microfocus source IµSHigh-Brilliance
2010 Incoatec has more than 30 employees
100th IµS installed at the Fédération Chevreul (CNRS) in Lille, France
2009 1st Ag-IµS installed at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Göttingen, Germany
2008 Incoatec introduces the new Helios MX Optics for IµS and rotating anodes for protein crystallography
2007 Incoatec has more than 20 employees
Incoatec wins the Schleswig-Holstein economy award for family-friendly human-resource development
1st Cu-IµS installed at the Center for Structural Biology, Kiel, Germany
Mo-IµS developed for chemical crystallography
2006 Incoatec launches the Incoatec Microfocus Source IµS-Cu for biological crystallography and small-angle scattering
Moving into new premises
2003 Incoatec receives the Technology Award of Schleswig-Holstein for the development of XRF analyzer crystals
2002 Foundation of Incoatec as Incorporation with Bruker AXS as a major partner
Moving from GKSS into the GITZ (Geesthachter Innovation and Technology Center)
2001 2-dim beam shaping Montel Optics are introduced
1999 First prototypes for XRF analyzers for B and C are launched
1995 Beginning of multilayer X-ray optics development at GKSS Research Centre